Weekly Dispatches 9 May

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9 May 2014

Hi all.  Mothers’ Day weekend is coming up.   

Hope everyone has remembered to get yourself sorted to spoil your mums.  

You know they deserve it.

Here is the tally for this week.  I always love it when we mark off another hundred laundry bags or quilts and this week we went from over 2600 quilts to over 2700 quilts as well as going from 4200 laundry bags to over 4300 laundry bags.  The numbers are creeping ever closer to the 3000 and 5000 mark!  

How exciting!

382 quilts and 481 laundry bags for 2014.  

2737 quilts and 4318 laundry bags in total.

Loads of great quilts and laundry bags headed off this week – enjoy the show!

Sue P



Caroline and her mum 


Anne H




A group of BOMs made by Dorothy were sent to Diana W and this is the resulting quilt.  YUM!! I know the BOMs were made by one person- it that was you please let me know so that I can give you credit.


This next quilt was completed in March when we had a pot luck dinner.  I asked everyone to bring a strip of bright floral fabric and during the evening we put the quilt top together.  I had asked Evelyn in advance if she would applique the name on her strip and this is the result.   How simple is this quilt???    And yet it is so bright and cheery, so warm and happy, and absolutely stitched with love, and it will always be one of my favourites!  

This is what the recipient said about it when she received it!

Oh my goodness what a beautiful beautiful work of art it is.  I was overcome with emotion when I opened it up and am so very very proud of it.  I cannot thank you and the very very talented quilters enough.  The quilt has been shown off to all and now sits with pride on my bed.  I use the floral laundry bag as a cushion cover and it too sits on  my bed and is well used when reading in the evening.   The little treats were greatly appreciated by all at my work.  
It is wonderful to come back to my room full of flowers every night.  I will endeavour to take photos of the quilt on the bed for your collection.  
I love my quilt, and on the more chillier nights I sit and read with it wrapped around me, you can be sure I will treasure it forever and pass it down to my daughter along with your beautiful letter.
Thank you ever so much
with love

Jillmaree sent in this quilt top and Robyn and Evelyn quilted and bound it.

Jo R


One star from each of the Tigers Mystery Quilts was saved and sent to Joan so that she could make up some matching laundry bags.  Thanks to Cher for the Tiger fabric!

And here are the completed Mystery Quilts pieced by Keryn, Cath and Cher and quilted by Hilary

Julie Ann


Liz J


Louise T

The next two quilt tops were pieced by Lynn and quilted by Jennidee

Another quilt top by Lynn using a strip made by Coral and Quilted by Robin and Evelyn.
Everyone comments on your Footy themed strips Coral!

Maree made this laundry bag using a donated teatowel with a mining theme.

BOMs were sent to Maree W and she pieced them together and added the necessarydetails to personalise this quilt. 

MUC Pilgrim Patchworkers

It has been raining cats and dogs in the house of Pam M 



When Rita C comes to my home for a sewing day I usually let her loose in the Aussieh Heroes Fabric stash, tell her what sort of quilt we need and off she goes.  She designs, cuts and pieces an entire quilt top on the day.  This time a Melbourne Storm Quilt that was quilted by Joyce

Another of Rita’s Quilt top in a day efforts for a fellow who wants to pay homage to his heritage  – Brazilian, Welsh and Australian – the colours of all three flags included in this quilt

Rita M

Blocks for a Mystery Quilt were sent to Rita M and she added her own touch as well!


Yes, we know the J is back to front- call it creative licence!


This candy cotton coloured quilt top was sewn at a Penrith sewing day (see – we have lots of fun on those days!!!) and quilted by Joyce.  I can’t wait to hear HIS response to this one! (and no, it is not for his wife, girlfriend or daughter!)

Steph N


Sue F

Sue M

Sue N

Yet more BOMs made by Dorothy were sent to Sue N and another gorgeous quilt resulted perfect for a music loving surfie.  I am loving seeing these BOMs turn into personalised quilts!

Sue N SA
You can NEVER go wrong with a southern cross!

Sue N 

 A new quilt group has joined our ranks!  Welcome Wholly Quilts !

Til next time…………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. trash

    OK so they are all aces but the dogs quilt? That is particularly aces. Love their faces.

  2. kiwikid

    Amazing and so nice to see what people have been making!


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