Weekly Dispatches 24 August 18

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24 August 2018

Well what a week.   HMAS Canberra were very pleased to see us with the 400 laundry bags on Monday, which grew to 500 laundry bags once we included the Embarked Force.  Just so you know…. you can fit 50 laundry bags in one of those blue Ikea bags… so we took eight into HMAS Canberra.  Add to that the 120 plus quilts and laundry bags we presented to the Invictus competitors and staff last week and that is a whole lot of Ikea bags no longer taking up space in my house! 🙂

We have had a laundry bag drive in the last couple of weeks as you will see from all the pictures below.  Well done everyone! Now it is time to get back to a few more personalised ones so that our deployed folks don’t miss out. 

Happy stitching everyone and happy browsing!

So far for 2018 we have sent off 974 quilts
Bringing our total since we started to over 9755 quilts

So far for 2018 we have sent off 2058 laundry bags
Bringing our total since we started to over 18,654 laundry bags

 Bev U

Bev U

Bev U

Chocolyn Laugh A Lot 



Susan Pr

Ann has been busy sewing… 

The following batch of laundry bags was made by Anne D

And this next batch was made by Bridget

Caroline L made this batch

Helen D sent these in

Janet made the following six

Cath Hvy 
Five made by Gay S 

The next batch were made by Jenny Dg

Three made by Maxxi

Several made by Noelene Wi

A nice bunch from Sue N 

Love these scrappy ones from Elaine 

Carol L

A great batch from Julz

Pennie made the following batch

And finally a batch by Anne D

Well that was a bit of a laundry bag Bonanza… now for the rest of our outgoing mail…and I am back to names at the bottom of the item… 

 Bev U
 Cath Hpr
 Cheryl D
 Coffs Harbour Sewing Team 

 Ellen N

 Janis K 

 Melissa L

 These quilt blocks were made by the Mystery Quilt ladies, the top was pieced by Bridget, quilted by Gail and bound by Ashleigh.
 Ruth S  (front and back minus the name which would have given the game away)

 Ruth S 
 Susan Pr
Susan Pr


Well done all.. now you can have the weekend off… ha ha ha Just kidding…

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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