Weekly Dispatches – 11th June 2021

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11 June 2021


Hope you have all had a great week. It has been very cold in most parts of the country. Great weather for staying inside and getting your creative juices flowing and that is certainly evident in the following creations!!!

Here is a wonderful collection of designs on their way. 

Please enjoy!!!


This year so far we have sent off 568 quilts 

and that has brought our total since we started to 13373

We have also sent off 1300 laundry bags, bringing our total since we started to over 30994 laundry bags.


Bev C, Embroidery by Rhonda

Bobbie S Front and Back

Bev C

Bev C

Ellen N – 5 Laundry Bags

Ellen N – 6 Laundry Bags

Bev C

Jenny N

Pennie T

Melissa L

Ellen N – 3 Laundry Bags
Clarissa L Front and Back

Bev F

Donna P, Embroidery by Inge P

? McK- 6 Laundry Bags

Joy H

Melissa L

Melissa L

Melissa L

Sue N

Sheena B

Rachel B

Melissa L

Melissa L
Belinda D

Bev F, Embroidery by Kay W

Clarissa L

Ellen N – 5 Laundry Bags

Ellen N- 6 Laundry Bags

Janet L

Janet L

Janet L

Melissa L

Ellen N- 3 Laundry Bags
Carolyn M

Cath H

Hellen W, Embroidery by Merran M – Front and Back

Judy D

Julie Y

Lyn R

Lyn R

Pennie T
Well, thats it for another productive week!!!

Stay safe and
Happy Sewing Everyone!!!!!

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