Weekly Dispatches 10 April

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10 April 2015

Hi all.  Well here is to the end of a busy week and a busy fortnight coming up.  I will try and find time over the weekend to write a post to fill you in on the next two weeks but you know that Aussie Heroes will be at the Australian Quilt Convention as guest exhibitors for starters. 

If you remember Bernina have given up a super beautiful sewing machine to Raffle. 

I had hoped that we would be able to sell tickets for the Raffle online so that those of you who can’t make it to AQC would have a chance to buy some but it is not to be.  I am afraid it is just too complicated to make sure that we fit with all the regulations required so sorry folks. If you know someone who is heading to the quilt show maybe you can slip them a few dollars and ask them to get tickets for you.  
and now for show and tell for this week.

441 quilts and 561 laundry bags for 2015. 

4026 quilts and  6018 laundry bags in total.


Anna H 

Anna N 

Rita M 


Jacqui D

Jenny and Gale 

Jill S 



Kerry R

Lisa N 

Lynn, applique by Jan-Maree, Rising Sun by Kerrie and quilted by Kim  

Lynn and quilted by Robin



Noelene and Elise



Sue N 

Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree  xx

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