Written by ahq_admin

2 October 2018

One of our quilters, one of our own, is also a veteran… and she has been doing it tough lately healthwise… actually she has been doing it tough for a while healthwise, but recently had to spend six weeks in hospital.  I decided that was a good enough reason for her to finally receive her own Aussie Hero Quilt..   Tonight she published this poem on our Facebook page. I thought you would all like to read it.  
I am an Aussie hero quilter; 
I make quilts for those who serve us well

I’d just finished off my 14th quilt; I was feeling rather swell

My quilt’s popped in the post to Sydney just two days before

But suddenly a contractor from Australia Post is standing at my door

Now, the parcel handed to me bears a formal sticker from HQ
Not the Navy, Army, Air Force but the quilters’ one (it’s true)
“Oh no!” I thought ‘The Quilt Police’ have checked the size; my heart began to race
(for my latest quilt was slightly bigger than the guidelines put in place)

But as the post-pack came undone I could not believe my eyes
For inside a beautiful laundry bag there sat a sweet surprise
A quilt unfurled with messages; cards full of love and care
(For Parkinson’s destroys me; it fills me with despair)

Six recent weeks in hospitals did nothing to improve
My health or situation; nor a sad depressive mood
But as I sat reading notes filled with your encouragement, love and hope
My tears of joy and humbleness trickled onto every envelope

Upon receiving a quilt I realised deployed personnel must be feeling the same way
And I cannot thank you all enough for the quilt that’s brightened up my day

You’ve made me feel so special; AH Quilter’s, you really, truly ROCK
I acknowledge every loving thought and prayer sewn into every single block

Thanks to the Mystery Quilt Girls for the gorgeous blocks, and to Lynn for putting the top together. 

BZ all.

Till next time.. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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  1. retdairyqueen

    How special is that
    Good luck to you Lisa

  2. Robyn Hanstock

    How lovely, she deserves it as Parkinsons is a horrible illness. We all belong to such a special group of people. Thank you, Jan-Maree, for Aussie Heroes.


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