As many of you will know by now, our much loved Sandy Corry has been pulled up by a brain tumour.  The  Aussie Heroes policy is if we are not looking after our own, our volunteers, then we should not be looking after others.  There is no time to waste as we need to get this quilt put together and into Sandy’s possession so that she can be wrapped in our love in the coming months as she has wrapped so many of our troops in her quilts of love. 

Normally a quilt for one of our own would be  done on the quiet but Sandy is a much loved volunteer and I don’t think I can email everyone who would like to contribute to her quilt so I am posting it up here. 

Obviously I can’t tell you much about the quilt because I don’t want to spoil the surprise but what I can tell you is that there will be TWO different blocks.  A signaure block and a pieced block.  You  may choose to do one of each or just one!

If you would like to make a block for Sandy please email our own Cath Harvey on 

Cath will get you started.  She will send you the instructions for both blocks and you need to tell her if you want to do one or both.  We want a quick turn around so we need the blocks be with Philomena as soon as possible.  Please please use express post if you can. 

Please post the blocks to Philomena.

When you email Cath she  will respond with everything you need to know.

Please be SPECIFIC and let Cath know if you want to do 

1. A poppy block
2. a signature block
3. one of each blocks. 

Tutorials for both blocks, Philomena’s address

Thanks everyone. This will mean a great deal to Sandy. 
Let’s get her wrapped in love as soon as we can.


Jan-Maree xx 

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