Not sure if I have posted this before but too good not to share……

Written by ahq_admin

23 July 2016

Good morning, 
In all the disruption of the last weeks I am not sure if I have shared this message or if it got drafted and forgotten.  Well these blokes are all well and truly home now but the message is still wonderful so I hope you enjoy it and if you have seen it before I am sure you won’t mind a re-run.  LOVE the photo. 

Dear Jan-Maree and the Aussie Hero quilts (and laundry bags) Team,

As you can well imagine the team we have here at Qargha, Kabul are overwhelmed at the generosity and selflessness of you and your organisation of wonderful people that  work tirelessly to make and send us amazing quilts and laundry bags.

Every one of us here has a laundry bag hanging at the end of our bunk and a quilt on our bed.

The box of Tim-Tams and snacks that one of your quilters, Lisa N, sent was an absolute morale saver and far more than we could have ever asked for!!

I understand you have achieved quite an accomplishment and have sent over 9000 bags and quilts to the soldiers, sailors and airmen serving within the Middle East Region, an amazing effort that is greatly appreciated by all.

Within the next couple of weeks this rotation will be heading home, so far we have successfully completed our mission with a smile on our faces, warm beds (especially during the winter months) and clean clothes thanks to you and your team.

Attached is a photo of the PMV troop with our quilts and laundry bags, this photo was taken on the outskirts of Kabul with some of our Bushmasters.

Jan-Maree, We are all devastated to hear the loss of your house but we are glad you and your family are safe. Your hard work and selflessness is an inspiration to many in the Defence Force, I am certain everyone who has received your packages filled with morale will help to get you and your family back on track as fast as possible.

Again we appreciate the hard work and effort that all of you do for the soldiers, sailors and airmen of the ADF.

With our kindest regards and many, many thanks to you and your team.

Thank you.

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  1. Jacqui D

    Yes very well said and heartfelt….It's always good to hear we are all appreciated especially our fearless leader who without her we wouldn't exist…Thankyou JM, I love being part of something so worthwhile :o)

  2. Sandra Askill

    They certainly brighten the desert
    Sandy A.


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