So last night I sat and wrote a really long and detailed posting covering the way ahead for the BOM Squad and now I find that it has completely disappeared.  That includes all the photos I had uploaded. Unfortunately Blogger has updated its look and function and unfortunately it is not great. Do not come back to me please and tell me to move to a new blog format as I am trying to hand over and now is not the time, BUT if you, like some, have received a blank email from me please understand there was a glitch and I have had to start it again.

Ok so this will probably be the last Happy Mail post you are likely to see for the rest of the year as  I am working on handing over everything but it just won’t be possible to hand over everything.   If you sign up with one of our new BOM Squad Captains they will let you know your blocks have arrived. 

So to the way ahead.

As you should know by now our lovely Sandy has had to step away while she devotes her time and energy to dealing with a brain tumour and concentrates on her health and her family.

It is just not possible to recreate Sandy, she is one of a kind.  Would you believe that Sandy used to receive around 400-600 blocks of the month every single month.  That is way too much for anyone else. Sandy is a surperwoman!   So we are going to have a number of Sandy’s around the country side. 

These people are going to be called BOM Squad Captains.  So far I have QLD, NSW, VIC and SA covered and those that want to make BOMs will generally be allocated to a Captain in their state although that may not be possible.

Is anyone willing to step up for WA?

BOM Squad captains will be nominating the block of choice, it will not be an Australia wide thing any more. The BOM will not be promulgated on the blog. If you are interested in sewing blocks of the month for us you just need to contact us and we will put you in touch with the BOM Squad Captain closest to you.

If you are keen on finding out what is required to be a BOM Squad Captain and think it is something you would like to do, especially if you are in WA please let me know. 

Now for those of you who want to continue to sew Blocks of the Month please get in touch and I will forward your emails to Cath Harvey who is going to allocate the groups and coordinate the new set up til it is established.  

Side note, any of you who used to sew for Lynn in the Mystery Quilt Group as well as sewing for Sandy with the BOMs – you will continue to sew for Lynn and she will take over the BOM Component as well.

So here is what you need to do….

If you think you would like to coordinate a group of folk sewing Blocks of the Month please contact me. We can make it manageable for you.

If you would like to be allocated to sew BOMs then please let me know so that I can make sure you are allocated to a BOM Squad Captain.

I know there are people who want to sew blocks from time to time but not necessarily every month. That is fine, just contact me when you want to sew and I will tell you who to send them to.

For now, here are the blocks that have been sent to Bev Uys this month.  What a great collection.  Well done everyone. 

Ann K 

Bev F 

Bobbie S 

Bobbie S

Bobbie S

Caroline T

Clare D

Clarissa L 

Dwb N


Denise McG F

Dorothy C

Dorothy C

Elaine P 

Gail T

Heather G 
Helen C 

Jeanette M 

Jenni S 

Jenny C

Joan C

Joanne H 

Judy D 

Judy D 

June A 

June A

Kerrie S 

Liz J 

Lyn H

Lyn I 

Mary C 

Michelle F

Rachel B 

Roslyn R 

Sally R 

Shaz P 

Susan P

Susan P
Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx 

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