Blocks of the Month
It’s all about the ocean at the moment and I love it!
to every volunteer BOM SQUAD member.
We’re in isolation!…permission to sew everyone!
Even though we have a new block for April, please keep
sending any of the ocean colour blocks you’ve made.
Both the March and the April blocks are a great way to use up all those
small left-over pieces of fabric and there’s no need to go out to the shop.
Anne W #1

Ann W #2

Jo-Anne H #2

Jo-Anne H #1

Kim B

Stephanie N

Margaret B #1

Margaret B #2

The Lowood Quilters
Marianne B
Jeanette Mackell
Jeanette Mackell
Jeanette Mackell
Until next time,
…in Coffs Harbour and happy to be in isolation and
making Aussie Heroes’ Quilts!

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