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19 April 2016

Someone told me the other day that Tuesdays are their favourite day because they love reading all the thank you messages that come in, and even if they do not receive one for their quilt or laundry bag, they know that what they do is appreciated from all the messages that we do receive.  Can I tell you, that just made my day. 

More lovely messages today, I hope they make you smile too.



I would like to give you a big thank you for the awesome Seattle Seahawks Laundry Bag. It’s a perfect match for my AHQ Seahawks Quilt (made by Jenny and Gale) that I had made on my last deployment.

I have taken a photo of them both for you – see attached.

I  must also thank you for the munchies and kind wishes – I must say the Tim Tams didn’t last to long with all the boys!

On behalf of all the crew on our detachment, I would also like to say how much we appreciate the time and effort you and AHQ put into making the Quilts and Laundry Bags for the deployed Troops. 

Thanks again Carol, have a great Anzac Day for me and celebrate in style… 


Good afternoon Julie Ann,

I am currently deployed on HMAS Darwin to the Middle East.  First and foremost thank you so very much for the Sydney Roosters laundry bag that you made for me.  I am so truly grateful for the time and effort that you have put into it.  It is absolutely fantastic.  I’m sure your husband would have thought it was brilliant also being a Roosters supporter. He must have been happy with the win last weekend also, broke their unfortunate start to the season. 

I am very impressed that you have been supporting AHQ for four years.  I guarantee in that time you have made some sailors, soldiers and airmen very happy and brightened up there deployments.

Again I thank you for the laundry bag and for your thoughts while we are deployed. We will be getting photos taken by the ship’s Image Specialist which will then be posted on the AHQ’s  Facebook page.  Take care and thank you again for your hard work and effort that you put into my laundry bag, you have made this sailor a very happy man.

Kind Regards,


G’day Sandy and Trevor,

    I am extremely honoured to receive the Aussie Heroes Laundry bag you have made.
It is absolutely wonderful, and I am proud there are members out there, that can put time together and support
such a great cause.

        I started my career in RAINF (Infantry) which I served for 10 years. Due to injuries I have transfer to RAAOC (Warehousing/ Storeman) for the last 10 years.
    I hope this email finds you all well, and wish you the best.

Hi Laura,
I’m the extremely lucky recipient of one of your beautiful quilts and laundry bags.

I don’t know where to begin; I cannot thank you enough. I love both items and they are perfect, you’re an exceptionally talented person and the goodies have made me very popular already!

I’m sure you hear it often but I can’t express what these packages and your efforts do for morale. I’ve been away from home for 7 months now, and recently received the news that I’ve been extended for 4 months so safe to say my morale took a bit of a hit, but receiving your package today and post card have picked me right back up again. Thank you – it’s folks like you that are the true ‘Aussie Heroes’ and your generosity and efforts enable us to keep doing what we do over here. 

I wish you all the best and hope one day I can make it up to you.

Respectfully Yours,

Dear Jacqui,

Thankyou very much for the quilt you made for me. I absolutely love it. The red poppy adds a very special touch to it.

It came at a time where I was feeling a bit down as I had been talking to my family and listening to some of the issues at home.  So, your quilt cheered me up.

You made me jealous though talking about your daily walks on the beach.

I live in Brisbane and enjoy getting out and about in my boat fishing. I will admit I am not a very good fisherman, normally just feed the fish and my wife tends to laugh at me every time I go out and come back with nothing. However it is something I am looking forward to when I get back.

The trip has been good, we have been busy doing a lot of training. My room mate and I have got ourselves well set up. We have a good crew over here which is making this trip an experience for me.

When I get the chance I will send you a photo of myself with the quilt.

Once again, thankyou so very much for the quilt. This will be a very special reminder of this trip.

Kind Regards

Good afternoon Sue N, I am currently deployed on HMAS Darwin to the Middle East.  First and foremost thank you so very much for the Sydney Roosters quilt that you made for me.  I am so truly grateful for the time and effort that you have put into it.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more, it is absolutely magnificent.

I am 33 years old, married and have two children; rascally Master 5 and very independent Miss 8.  My family  live in XXXX with me currently living in Sydney by myself while posted to HMAS Darwin. This will be until mid year when we return and I move back to my family.  We have a very regal and spoilt cat, a trouble making Pug puppy and my faithful, but grumpy old Pug x Jack Russell.

I have been in the Navy for 15 years and have completed several deployments over this time.  This is the first time that I have received a quilt from Aussie Hero Quilts though.  I am a Petty Officer Chef and my primary role onboard HMAS Darwin is Catering Manager.  It’s a constant job onboard however catering for over 200 sailors four times a day is very rewarding.  The beauty of our particular job is that there is always something to do, so we always have something to occupy our minds.  

We are now half way through our deployment and starting to look forward to returning home.  The downhill run can often seem to take longer then the uphill climb, but with a count down to hugs from loved ones, the crew will make it through.  The younger sailors and those on their first deployment often struggle with the send half a little bit more as the time away from home increases.  This is where those of us that are more experienced step in and reassure them and help get them through it.  We are constantly busy with our operation up here, so this helps occupy everyone.

Again I thank you for the quilt and for your thoughts while we are deployed. We will be getting photos taken by the ship’s Image Specialist which will then be posted on the Aussie Hero Quilts Facebook page.  Take care and thank you again for your hard work and effort that you put into my quilt, you have made this sailor a very happy man.

Kind Regards,

Dear Pennie

My brother is currently serving in XXXXX.  I received a photo and email from him with a beautiful bag that had been made for him. His wife has now advised that you made the bag.

On behalf of our family I just wanted to say thank you. It is people like you who make such a big difference. Whilst others are concerned with making money, watching TV and themselves, you are doing selfless acts like this.

So thank you.

Good afternoon Lisa,

HMAS Darwin recently arrived in XXXX for a scheduled port visit and after a long patrol, the entire Ship’s Company was very much looking forward to the receipt of mail from home. Within the approximate 1.2 tonnes and 100 large bags of mail waiting on the wharf was the package you prepared for me including the Hero Quilt. 

I would like to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you for your creativity, time and effort resulting in the creation of such a wonderful item. My wife made her first quilt in 2014 so I understand how many hours and how much patience is required in the making of a quilt.

Darwin sailed from Sydney Harbour on 30 Dec 15 and is not due to arrive back in Australia until later this year. Since leaving we have steamed in excess of 25000 nautical miles through South East Asia, the Middle East and the length of the Indian Ocean. For my family, this quilt will serve as an ongoing reminder of my deployment in HMAS Darwin, my families sacrifices and Australia’s efforts to combat global disorder. 

Thank you.

Good Evening Karen R, 

Firstly thank you so much for the kind gift, the laundry bag is unreal. I couldn’t believe how good it looks, it’s without a doubt the best one onboard HMAS Darwin, it’s honestly good enough to take to an AFL match and use it as a flag. 

Sorry I’m only getting back to you now as the deployment has been very busy. The trip is going well, long at times as you can imagine it has it’s up and downs. We have been to some awesome ports around the world Including, Thailand (Pattaya), Indonesia (Jakarta), India (Visknapatnam) for the Indian Fleet Review, Bahrain (Manama) and Oman (Muscat ) with many more to follow, they are all amazing places. 

Finally all of the people involved in Aussie Hero’s do a fantastic job. When the ship pulls along side a foreign port and we get packages from all around Australia from Aussie Hero’s the morale within the mess decks with no doubt rises. To have people back home thinking about us and appreciating the sacrifice we make to serve our country makes it all worth while. Without the support you all provide us this job wouldn’t be worth it. 

Thank you again for the time and effort you put in making the laundry bag it made my day/ week, it will be with me forever. 

Btw it won’t be used for a laundry bag it’s too good for that hahahaha



Dear Janis,

Thank-you so much for my laundry bag – what a great interpretation – you seem to have covered all the elements and I love the cross on the shield. Judging from my laundry bag, the quilts and bags I see around here, and those those I can see online, you’re all obviously incredibly good at what you do. What a great initiative. 

Please also express my thanks to your friends at Aussie-Quilt Heroes and tell them that everyone out here really loves what they do. 

I wish you and your family all the very best. All the best


Hi there Sandy A,

I received the laundry bag a few days ago and am very grateful. I am very impressed by it and especially liked the stitching of my initials. Its something that will stay in my family for generations I think so thankyou very much for all the time and effort you have put in, it is greatly appreciated and it definitely put a smile on my face.



Dear Norma and Nancy Thank you both SO much for the Quilt it is fantastic!   

We on board HMAS DARWIN have been away from home (Sydney) since 30 Dec 15 and our 7 month deployment has it’s challenges.  It often takes quite a while for mail to reach us, so apologies if you may have been thinking your kind gesture had been forgotten, it certainly had not. 

The quilt is lovely and something that I will treasure for ever. 

We have spent a lot of time at sea, I managed to have a couple of days off recently in Muscat, Oman, and we are now in XXXXX, it is nice to have a break, as I often work between 13 and 16 hours per day 7 days per week when we are on these sorts of operations. 

I live in Sydney’s east, I am married with a 14 year old son, he broke his arm at school playing sport since I have been away. 

Once again, thanks very much for the effort, time and thought that you put in. It is very much appreciated. If anyone else was involved please pass on my appreciation. Kindest regards,


Thank you so much to Joan & Robin for making and sending my lovely laundry bag it brought a huge smile to my face today when I received it!! Once again thank you for all your time and effort it will come in great use!!


Hey guys my laundry bag rocked up today and it is incredible! Thank you so much it has made my day. I’m so impressed with the amount of work and effort you guys put in. And an extra big thank you to Jean B for making it


Hi Jan-Maree,

Both my laundry bag and quilt have arrived. Both are just beautiful and very well done. Kaye did a great job of my fish, have sent photo’s home and my daughters have been trying to lay claim already 😃.

A big thank you goes out to all the people involved in Aussie Hero Quilts.

Kind Regards,

Hi Su, I have received your quilt this port and I am so happy with it! You have done a beautiful job and I can’t thank you enough. I have sent you a letter because I think they are better then emails so this will be short so I don’t repeat myself. I am honestly so happy with it, its so beautiful! 




Thankyou so much for sending me the lovely hand made laundry bag. When the mail came yesterday I was so surprised to see my name on the envelope.   After speaking with my wife,  she told me that she had been in contact with Aussie Heroes and asked for something to be sent to me.  

I have recently had my Army birthday, I joined the Army 29 years ago. This is now my 7th Operational Deployment.  During all these trips away from my family I have never had anything like this sent to me and for that I am truly appreciative. It will remind me of my Deployments long after I leave the Army.  

Please also thank the rest of the Ladies at Aussie Heroes, it is great seeing support that we receive from home.  

Many thanks 



Just received your parcel with quilt and sweets and it’s absolutely fantastic!!!

I’m a massive Star Wars fan so I’m over the moon with the quilt, it’s perfect.  I’ll certainly be making use of it while I’m here, just over halfway through now so it will come in nicely over the next few months.  My 11 year son back home in Brisbane (also a huge a Star Wars fan) will no doubt want to steal it from me when I get home and as my wife probably wont be that keen on having it on our bed I’m sure he may well inherit from me on my return.  So in short you’ll have made two people extremely happy.

I really, really just want to show my appreciation for you and all the people in involved with Aussie Hero quilts, its amazing what you do and I know its massively appreciated by all the guys and girls deployed overseas.  Its the things like this that make it all worthwhile and make you realise that what we’re doing is appreciated back home, so thanks very much.
Again thank you and the sweets will also certainly be enjoyed by all in the Ops Room here 

Hello Ginny,

Today I received my Quilt in the mail and would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not be happier with the design and colours and the hard work you have put in to make this beautiful quilt. Yes, I am going to pass it on to my daughter who is eleven years old and I’m sure she will appreciate It the way I do and as you said, she will grow with it for her teenage years. It sounds like you have a fairly hectic life there in WA especially working part time as a GP. How do you fit It all in with Knitting,cooking,gardening and looking after your pets? Time fly’s when your having fun! I’m a Mechanic here with the Australian Army and the job keeps me busy and I’m enjoying my time here serving my country. It makes me proud that people 

back home in Australia appreciate the work we do here. 

Once again Ginny, Thank you for the Quilt and the notebook and pens. My daughter will be as happy as I am.               

                       P.S  If you get some spare time, don’t forget to clean your house and keep your two boys happy and not to forget your husband.



Hi Joan,

I recently placed an order for a ‘dairy cow’ laundry and received it the other day.
Thank you very much for your generosity in what is such a great idea. Having been raised on a dairy farm every time I use it I get reminded of home. Its definitely something I will use for many years to come and many others are over the moon with the quality and workmanship that has gone into making them.
Thanks again, its very much appreciated.

Hi Jan-Maree,

Just went over to the mail centre and was pleasantly surprised to find a parcel addressed from your team!

I am very pleased to let you know your generous Aussie Hero Quilt has been received and is an awesome addition to making my home-away-from-home that bit more comfortable! Thank you again for the requested Cowboys/pets theme, very nicely done 😊

On behalf of all my deployed colleagues and I who treasure the support of you and your team – Thank you so much!

Have a great week and thanks again!

Good evening Carol,

        First of all THANKYOU so much for the lovely quilt you made! It is absolutely perfect! I received it whilst alongside conducting a routine maintenance period a short time ago!  Also thanks for the laundry bag and lollies and lovely letter you wrote. Perfect timing on the laundry bag, the one I had previously had about 6 knots in it that I had to tie as it was so old and each time it went through the wash the holes would get bigger! Great to hear about your family and a bit about yourself, and what a grand final it was!  A little bit about myself, I joined HMAS Darwin in May 2013 and currently on my second deployment to the middle east, last deployment I missed the boat with the quilts and was hoping I would get another chance, and I’m glad I did!  Definitely something I’m going to keep close to me.  I grew up on the south coast of NSW in a small town.  Out of the 4 brothers and a sis I’m the only one in the defence force.  I showed my family a picture of the quilt and they all loved it, we are all mad Dragons supporters!  Once again Thank you so much for your quilt, laundry bag, lollies and card! an absolute morale booster!

Kind regards,

Hello Jan-Maree 
I love it, just letting you know my quilt has arrived safe and sound while we were along side in XXXXX,  I’ll be sending the quilt maker a letter in our next port. 

I would like to thank you and all of your volunteers at Aussie Hero Quilts for all the hard work you put into make these quilts and laundry bags, the work you all put in really is appreciated.

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree  xx

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