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18 July 2018

I have been meaning to share this for a while. I know that some of you will find these books great for your children.  Check them out…..the following is a press release that should give you all the details that you need. 

When Lawyer Hayley Boswell wrote her first children’s book, little prepared her for the huge response that was to follow.

Hayley has published 6 books – My Dad’s in the Australian Navy, My Mum’s in the Australian Navy, My Dads in the Australian Army, My Mums in the Australian Army, My Dads in the Australian Airforce and My Mums in the Australian Airforce. The book, My Dads in the Australian Navy was written as a gift for her partner Bradley Lynch who is a Chief Petty Officer, when the couple recently had their first child.

“When my daughter was born, I needed a resource that could assist her to feel connected with her dad whilst he was away with the Navy,” she said. “I often create unique presents. I once made a Monopoly board based on my partner’s career with the Navy, so this was a one of those gifts”.

The book was intended for her family only, but when Brad posted some of its pages on Facebook, the books took on a life of their own. “My partner uploaded pictures of the book on his Facebook and people were saying ‘Can I purchase it?’”.

“I started taking a few orders and a few months later I’ve sold more than 500 copies.”

It became clear that people wanted Hayley to expand on her original work because so many see it as a valuable tool to explain to children the important work of their defence parents.

“I received a lot of requests from parents in the other forces as well,” she said.

“In creating these books , I have had help from many defence spouses and personnel. It has also helped that I’ve had family members in the Navy and Army”.

“The book helps children understand the roles and responsibilities of their parents when they are away. And the impact they are making in the world by helping people who need it.”

“The book really focuses on the positive elements of being apart of the Australian Defence forces so at night the children can go to bed thinking about how their parents are making an important contribution to not only Australia, but to the world.

And the result? Hungry caterpillars, rainbow fish, and magical possums may now have a run for their money as favourite bedtime stories.

The book is suitable for infants to about age six and Hayley said its popularity was even being seen in other settings, for example childcare centres and schools. “Some children have used it for Book Week in school. They’re dressing up as their mum or dad and wearing a uniform,” she said.

“A lot of people have said they are just glad to have the book out there to help explain things to their children when parents are away on a deployment.”

“I’ve been contacted by parents saying the book has assisted to ease their children’s anxiety when a parent has been deployed. I’m glad it’s making children feel a little less sad when missing their parents”.

They are available for purchase from:

Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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