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4 October 2018

Last Badge orders before the Dinner weekend

Name Badges and Button Badges

Hi, About a year ago we decided it would be really helpful to make AHQ name badges available. These name badges were proudly worn by quilters at the AHQ dinner in Canberra last year and at many occasions since. If you have joined up with AHQ since last year’s dinner you may not have a name badge. If you’d like one, now’s the time to order.

This is what your badge will look like.  They are a fairly standard size.  They will be 73 x 27mm and will be printed on white plastic.   Each badge will come with BOTH a pin or magnetic clasp so it will be your choice which one you stick on.  

This is a mock up of the name badges and you can see that the emphasis is on the first name which is how we work in Aussie Heroes.

We also have AHQ button 55mm metal badges as well – they are attached with pin clasps.   Whilst the name badges will be great for when we get together or when you go somewhere to represent Aussie Heroes, these badges are great to wear everyday when you are out and about. They are easy to spot and I think make it easier to identify you as an Aussie Hero Friend.

These will be available for order as well, either with a name badge or on their own. 


Name Badges –  $17

Button Badge – $5

Price includes postage and handling and will cover the following orders.

How to Order 

If you would like to order a Name Badge and/or a Badge please email Clarissa at

Please advise Clarissa with your postal address, the correct spelling of your name as you’d like it on the name badge and the number of each item you would like to purchase.

Again, those wishing to purchase more than two badges, including group orders, please contact Clarissa directly for P&P quote. 

Clarissa will acknowledge your order and will reply with the bank details. Once you have transferred payment, please advise Clarissa by email. If possible, please use your surname as the payment reference

Any questions regarding payment and ordering are to be addressed to Clarissa please.

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 
Kind regards,

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