Hey all, 
We have had a some new volunteers join us and that means we have had a few questions regarding labels.  
Firstly, we have a standard text and the text needs to be included in its entirety. You are more than welcome to add your name as the creator of the quilt as long as you don’t delete any of the standard text. 
We don’t send labels out to anyone as that would be too big an administrative burden but you can print your own on printable fabric or if you don’t have printable fabric you can grab a fabric marker and write your own label by hand. If you don’t like that option then we have the wonderful Hilary and also Janet who will happily send you a screen printed label for the cost of a stamped self-addressed label.  Just email and ask for her contact details. 
Note, we do not put labels on our laundry bags.  You are welcome to if you wish to make your own but that would use too many of Hilary’s labels and would be too hard for us to manage given the number of bags we made each week.
I hope that answers any questions you have about labels. 
Cheers for now
Jan-Maree xx

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