30 years or more of ADF service? Special Quilt offer to acknowledge your service!

Hey folks,

We are going to do something a little different today. We have been receiving some lovely responses from ADF members on receipt of their special 25+ years of service quilts and a good number  of them, from members who have been in the military for many years, have struck a special chord. They have either seen friends receive quilts and bags and have loved them or they have only found out about us through their current deployment and so receiving an AHQ parcel at this time has really meant a lot to them.

We just can’t help ourselves and have decided that it’s time again to do something a bit special. We currently have an opportunity to add to our list at the moment and around our lovely nation we have amazing volunteers who love to sew for Aussie Heroes. This is a special offer, open only ‘til 6pm (Sydney time) Friday 11th September  but will be capped at 50 requests, whichever is sooner.

If you are or have been a serving member who has completed 30 years of service, or you know someone who has, then here is the deal. You have until 6pm Friday night to request a personalised Aussie Hero quilt for yourself or for someone you know. The recipient must have served 30 years or more and does not need to be deployed, or still serving at the time of the request. Previous AHQ recipients are not eligible for this offer.

We are hopeful that this will give us the chance to recognise some of those who have not had the chance to deploy or because they have not served on a deployment which meets the criteria to receive an Aussie Heroes quilt or a deployment occurred prior to 2012. Nonetheless, they need to know their service counts as well. The recipient does not have to be currently serving.

You need to EMAIL (no messages or texts please) on with

Essential details which includes

  • ·         Name
  • ·         Rank
  • ·         number of years served
  • ·         PM keys (or service number)
  • ·         Postal address and      
  • ·         your design preferences.


We will be delayed or  unable to proceed with the request should any of the above details be missing so please ensure all are included in your reply.

Please bear in mind that your quilt will be designed and made by a volunteer and they are limited to what they have access to, especially given the restrictions imposed on us by COVID-19. Service crests and corps badges are mostly no problem.

Lastly, whoever is requesting a quilt will have to cover the cost of postage ($20) as we cannot ask the volunteer to cover those costs as well as their time and materials. The funds will need to be deposited into the Aussie Hero Bank Account and a receipt forwarded to Aussie Heroes by email before a quilt is constructed. Bank details etc will be forwarded via email once the request has been received and accepted.

This is a short term offer which ends at 6pm Friday 11 September 2020. Recipient must have served 30 years or more and does not need to be currently deployed. $20 postage must be paid prior to bag being made.

Remember, you need to EMAIL me (no messages or texts please) on

Subject must include Attn: Clarissa – 30 years + service Aussie Hero Quilt offer

We are looking forward to hearing from YOU! #thankyouforyourservice

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