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9 June 2016

I just love it when groups in the community get involved with Aussie Heroes.   I told you a little while ago about the awesome kids from Quambatook Group School in Victoria. If you did not read it you can check out the blog post here.   In return for their awesome fun raising efforts to send care packages to the troops and the generous donation of funds that they gave to us because they over-achieved, I sent them all caps. Check out that gold braid. That is real Admiral quality braid folks as these caps were donated to us by Rear Admiral Jones on his return from deployment and these five could not be more fitting recipients of some of them.

Loved the photo they sent me of them all wearing their new caps with the care packages that tehy are about to send off. 

As if that isn’t enough…

One of our quilters, Jo B, sent me a few photos of a special group she has been working with…..

and she wrote….

The residents of Dianella Hostel Retirement Village, Kilmore in Victoria wanted to take part in Aussie Heroes. I have been working with them fortnightly for 3 months. They have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and looked forward to each meeting. 2 quilts were proudly made.

That is our quilter, Jo B, third from the right.

Awesome effort ladies and gents!

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree  xx

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  1. Jo

    They will be so proud to see this. Thankyou

  2. kiwikid

    Fantastic to see,well done Jo. So good to see the happy faces of young and old!!

  3. Unknown

    Devastated to read of the tragedy, loss of home, personal items, memories, keepsakes, Awards from ADF past working life and present from AHQ and the enormous faith and energy put into the organisation by Jan-Maree, all lost to fire. Hearts are full of sorry for you Jan-Maree and Family; Hearts will be strong for you as you rebuild. sincerely and kindly, marg xxx


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